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Can I be setup with Monthly and Quarterly Billling?

-Yes!  County trash accepts the following forms of Payment: Cash, Check, and Credit/Debit Card.  If using ACH(Autocheck) and/or Credit/Debit cards, an agreement form has to be signed and sent in to County Trash.  You can print the form by clicking here.  County Trash allows you to pay in advance up to 12 months at a time if you prefer.  Please keep in mind that payments are due by the 3rd day of each new service month unless other arrangements are made in advance.

When is my County Trash and Recycling bill due?
-Your bill is due by the 1st day of each Service month.  If you pay through our recurring payment system this will be automatic on or right after the 1st or 15th of each month.  If you expect a delayed payment, please contact us immediately.  Failure to pay your bill timely will result in suspended or canceled service and/or late fees.

Does County Trash take garbage or recycling?

-Both!  Currently County Trash offers excellent trash pickup service with a rotation that includes Recycling.  Please call or email to receive details on how it would work for your location and current routes.

Can I use my current trash bins?

-Yes! Please feel free to use your current trash bins.  If you need to replace them, I recommend the sturdy Toter style 30 or 60 Gallon bin.  They are strong, have a fixed lid and resist animals and wind well.  For Recycling bins, you can choose what works best for your household.  There is no need to bag your Recycling.

Can I eliminate the smell of garbage?
-Great question.  Probably not though.  You can however limit it considerably with a couple helpful tricks.  During the summer months, buy a size larger garbage bag than you need, and when ready tie the bag like you would a balloon.  This eliminates fly's, wasps, and nearly all of the smell.  In addition, a couple rinses each summer help keep any soda and other liquids from attracting pests.  No need for a power wash, but a good rinse goes a long ways.

How do I keep critters out of the trash?

-Animals want to get into your trash cans all year round, but they're especially motivated around the holiday season.  Here are a few tips on how to keep critters out of the trash around the holidays and all year round: Rope or Bungee cord - Secure the lid of your trash can with a rope or bungee cord.  Weigh Down the Lid - If you don't have a rope or bungee cord to tie over the lid, try weighing it down with a rock, cinder block, or some other item that's too heavy for an animal to move.

Is there a limitation on how much trash I can put out?

-Yes.  Landfills are not free to drop unfortunately and so County Trash picks up an average of 95 gallons per week.  For most households this equates to about 2 normal barrels.   If you exceed that average, you will be billed a modest fee for the cost adjustment at the landfill.  If you expect more than normal, just let us know so we can work out the details in advance.  The great news is that if you have even modest participation in our Recycling program, your total trash will become very limited.

Is there a limitation on how much Recycling I can put out?

-No!  The more recycling the better - reasonably.  If you have 100 boxes from moving, give us a heads-up first as we may collect it with our commercial truck all at once.  We take Mixed Recycling that consists of Paper, Cardboard, Paperboard, Newspapers, Magazines, Plastics 1-7, Tin Cans and Aluminum Cans.  Not having to sort any longer has been great for our customers and excellent for our landfill.  We do ask for Cardboard to be broken down or split into subsequent pickups if you have a tremendous amount of it.

What consists of Driveway service and Curbside service?

-Great question.  We find that many folks in the county have circular driveways.  If you are one of those folks then you would qualify for Curbside.  If you do not, no problem, you can either bring your trash and recycling to the curb(some folks build a semi-permanent base), or pay a modest additional fee for the time and risk of backing down your drive.  Please understand that after we evaluate your drive, you may need to sign a waiver since not all drives are built to handle heavy trucks.

Does my Driveway need to be plowed?
-Snow and Mud are the two toughest things we deal with in our routes.  Please provide a clear visible path at least 8 feet wide with no more than 4-5 inches of accumulated snow.  Turnaround areas and obstacles should be clearly marked.  Obstacles include drainage ditch edges, pump/sewer pipes, and anything else under the snow you don't want accidentally hit.  Should you have any incline/decline areas building ice, it may also become necessary to sprinkle some gravel/sand or other suitable traction creator. Many folks keep a 5 gallon bucket of sand for this purpose.

Do I receive a bill credit if County Trash cannot serve my location for a week?

-Yes.  County Trash does not just take a vacation or just not show up.  If for some very extreme reason that County Trash cannot serve your location for a weekly pickup as scheduled and are unable to meet the normal process of rescheduling, you will receive a small bill credit.  The additional trash accumulation will be picked up the following scheduled pickup day.  If we have extreme damaging weather or other natural disasters that interrupt service, you will be contacted with next steps to reinitiate service and if needed to help facilitate community recovery.  No credit will be given where driveways are simply unplowed or excessively muddy.  Click on the Weather tab above for updated information or watch for text message alerts.

Privacy Policy

-County Trash does not share with 3rd parties any customer information.  In addition, all information is kept secure.

Have a question not listed here?  Send us a note from the Contact Page or Email us and we'll get right back to you.